Broadacre Primary
Staff list: 2023/24

Welcome to our wonderful school. We’re a staff who are committed to our school being an environment of excellence for our children to develop and grow in.

Our staff list will give you an overview of who works in our school along with their duties and responsibilities.



Mr D Wilkinson  Headteacher
Mrs P Thompson Deputy Headteacher
Mr D Mackinder Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Elliott SENDCO and ASC Base Leader
Mr B Turner Assistant Headteacher


Teaching Staff

Mrs K Rookyard EYFS Leader and FS2 Teacher
Miss N Pybus FS1 Teacher
Miss S Gwilliam EYFS Leader and FS2 Teacher
Mrs R Maguire FS2 Teacher
Miss E Purling FS2 Teacher
Mrs L Ellerington Year 1 Teacher
Miss C O’Kelly Year 1 Teacher
Miss N Hill Year 1 Teacher
Mrs N Shubrook Year 2 Teacher
Mrs A Taylor Year 2 Teacher
Miss G Whitfield Year 2 Teacher
Mr B Turner Year 3 Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
Mrs G Bell Year 3 Teacher
Miss F Howard Year 3 Teacher
Miss C Spratling Year 4 Teacher
Miss C Bailey Year 4 Teacher
Miss G Trevor Year 4 Teacher
Mr C Prosser Year 5 Teacher
Miss E Barlow Year 5 Teacher
Miss V Snelgrove Year 5 Teacher
Mr D Mackinder Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Rouse-Wilkinson Year 6 Teacher
Miss M Cox Year 6 Teacher
Mrs C Elliott
ASC Base Lead and SENDCO


Classroom Support Staff

Mrs D Armitage Miss B Magee
Mrs J Carrick Miss S Moulson
Mrs M Chapman Mrs T Raine-Ellerker
Mrs C Cook Mrs S Webster
Miss J Cooke Mrs W Sanderson
Miss L Dyson Ms L Audsley
Mrs K Gifford Miss D Stevens
Mrs L Glendinning Miss S Towse
Mrs T Grayley Mrs K Turner
Mrs J Hardy Mrs V Wainwright
Mrs J Kitching Mrs R Gregory
Mrs S Larter Miss L Broxham
Mrs S Gay Miss F Coombs
Mrs A Long  


Admin staff

Mrs C Barwick School Business Manager
Mrs A Cook Admin Officer
Miss K Spicer Admin and Attendance Assistant
Miss H Stovin Admin Assistant
Miss K McDonald Admin Officer


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Hardy Miss D Stevens
Mrs D Armitage Mrs K Turner
Miss L Dyson Mrs D Johnson
Mrs T Grayley Mrs A Wass
Mrs J Kitching Miss D Hazell
Miss S Moulson Mrs E Wojciechowska
Mrs G Stanley Miss S Russell
Mrs R Gregory Mrs I Jedrzejczyk


Premises Staff

Mr A Cook Mrs A Weichardt


IT Support

Mr M West IT Technician


Breakfast and After-School Club

Mrs J Hardy Mrs A Wass
Mrs T Fenton Mrs E Wojciechowska
Mrs I Jedrzejczyk  

‘I would highly recommend Broadacre Primary School.’

Parent comments

‘The school keep me informed when I am asking about my child’s progress’

Parent comments

‘My child really enjoys school and will share her learning with us. It is great to see her developing both socially and academically.’

Parent comments

‘My child absolutely loves school. He’s excited in a morning to leave and talks about what he does during the day. We’ve received lots of pictures and art work already which I love as a parent.’

Parent comments

‘The teachers and staff are great and caring for the children.’

Parent comments

‘Any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. All of my children have loved going to Broadacre.’

Parent comments

‘My daughter really enjoys being in school and is really excited to learn new topics.’

Parent comments

‘Both of my children are very happy at this school.’

Parent comments